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two bay area counties. right now many along north carolina's outer banks are heading for the mainland to get out of the way of hurricane earl. a motive in the murder industry of five bay area counties. >> people getting out of the way of hurricane earl. good morning. it's thursday, september 2. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning. it is 6:00. let's get a look at traffic and weather. we start with lawrence because we have a mini heat wave. good morning. >> yeah. feeling good as we have already got the temperatures running very mild in the 60s all around the bay area. yeah, this afternoon going to get hot in spots. 100 in livermore, 98 concord, 97 in san jose. you are going to see a lot of 80s and 90s inside the bay. coastline temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. this heat wave not going to last long. we have cooler temperatures on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. right now, elizabeth has traffic. >> an update on this accident in concord. as of a couple of minutes ago,
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they just cleared all lanes of westbound highway 4. we're still seeing a few little bit of residual slowing on some live traffic sensors but hopefully that should dissipate here in the next few minutes. we'll continue to watch that but again all lanes have re- opened. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delay here and no metering lights. we'll have a full look at all your bay area bridges coming up. in the meantime, back upstairs to you guys. >> elizabeth, thank you. 6:01 a killing spree that may have been touched off by jealous ee. efren valdemoro has been linked to four murders. one of the victims, his 46-year- old girlfriend cindy tran. she was found dead in a car valdemoro crashed at the end of a high-speed chase. police now say valdemoro is suspected of killing a hercules man because he thought there was something going on romantically between tran and the victim or possibly his son, who is still missing. the latest piece of evidence, this cadillac escalade that had been missing from a vallejo home. that car was found yesterday at
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a business park in hercules. the escalade was parked near the home where ricardo sales was beaten to death last week. his son frederick is still missing. police searched the area around the escalade for clues to his disappearance. the home where sales was killed was owned by cindy tran. it wasn't just two women's bodies that caught officer's eyes at a vallejo home. anne makovec is in vallejo and explains there were also explosive materials at that house. anne, good morning. >> reporter: including radioactive chemicals. vallejo police are trying to figure out who killed the two women, the two dead bodies, found in the home on upland court. a lot of fingers point toward efren valdemoro, who is already thought to have killed at least two other people before he was shot by police on tuesday. plus, he spent time living in the house where the bodies were found and was known to have loud arguments with one of the women, rita allen, who also lived in that same house. she and her friend carol smart were found dead there on tuesday.
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but police have not ruled out allen's husband, who lived in the house as well, and apparently lived there for several days with the decomposing bodies. one in a bedroom, the other in a shallow grave in the backyard. his name is charles rittenhouse, 72 years old. he told police his wife was missing on sunday, two days after she was last seen. police then followed up at their home and found those bodies. >> when he was confronted with the fact that bodies were located in his residence and that we believe he may have been involved, he did not react in the way we feel a normal person would react. >> reporter: so they arrested him but not for murder; for possessing explosive devices after bomb-making materials were found in the house. dynamite, c-4 and uranium, a radioactive chemical used in dirty bombs or armor-piercing ammunition.
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those materials were found in both a storage locker he rented as well as in the house. apparently rittenhouse is a chemical scientist but the amounts of chemicals and the severity of them are what sh police raising eyebrows this morning. also who killed those two women. back to you. >> thank you. you can find much more on this story including unedited video from each crime scene. it's all on our website, oakland's police chief disagrees with the police officer's union on the impact of recent police layoffs. 80 officers laid off in july. last week union officials said crime in oakland has increased 8.5% since then. but police chief anthony batts is not connecting that increase with the layoffs. he says crime usually goes up in the summer and says that violent crime is actually down in oakland. another round of steep cuts could be on the way for a.c.
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transit, proposing eliminating about half its weekend routes and most of its late night lines to help balance its budget. a.c. transit's blaming the latest proposed cuts on its ongoing battle with the drivers union. the transit agency is trying to save $15 million. the board will look over the proposed cuts and vote later on this month. if approved, the cuts would take effect in december. coastal carolina just hours away from feeling effects of hurricane earl. the storm is expected to get close to the region tonight. it's back up to a category 4, winds are swirling at about 145 miles an hour. winds, waves off north carolina's outer banks have picked up steam the past couple of days. most tourists have cut short their vacation and evacuated the islands, but some party residents insist staying preferring to board up homes and businesses to ride it to rideitt out.
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experts say that's not wise because of the storm's uncertainty. lawrence is here to tell us how long the heat wave is going to last. >> out the door now, temperatures already in the 60s around most of the bay area. what a nice start to the day. clear skies, after shore wind in effect and keeping it clear not only inland and inside the bay but even at the coast. you have clear skies, too. temperatures right now running in the 60s just about everywhere you go. even into the upper 60s in some of the warmest spots. you know what, it is going to get very hot, though, heading in toward the afternoon hours. those temperatures really going to get moving up the board. clear start to the day around the bay area. by the afternoon, how about some triple digits? it's going to be hot in spots. 103 in the interior valleys, 80s and mid-90s inside the bay. at the coastline, 70s and 80s. looking toasty over the next few. of course we'll see some cool weather as we head in toward the weekend. let's check out traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. things have quieted down quite a bit in the traffic department past 6:00 here. we'll do a quick bridge roundup. crossing the dumbarton bridge, here's a live look at traffic
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towards the toll plaza. highway 84 moves fine all the way towards menlo park. san mateo bridge thing. this cameras is past the toll plaza. showing you live conditions across the span. this is commute westbound 92, good to go to foster city. drive time westbound 92 from hayward 101, 13 minutes and it looks good in the eastbound lanes off the high-rise. free-flowing across the span of the golden gate bridge. nice through marin. southbound 101, eight minutes through novato. mass transit is on time. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, boxer versus fiorina. the key parts of the debate last night. plus, a changing of the guard for the san jose sharks. which of the team's high level executives is leaving.
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your silicon valley commute is free and easy on westbound 237. coming up we'll take a check of the rest of the south bay and the peninsula. traffic in 6 minutes. >> we'll see you in 6. it's 6:10 right now. president obama says he is cautiously optimistic that the middle east leaders can make some important strides during
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today's peace talks in washington. the president had dinner last night with the leaders of jordan, egypt, israel and the palestinians. palestinian president mahmoud abbas urged israel to freeze settlement construction in areas the palestinians want as part of their new state. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu wants to make sure that any territory israel gives up will not be turned into an iranian-sponsored terror enclave. the two major candidates in california's u.s. senate race went head to head in moraga last night. the event at st. mary's college began in pleasant fashion and democratic incumbent barbara boxer and republican candidate carly fiorina shook hands but it wasn't long before they got into it over various issues. issues included the environment, abortion and gun rights. another issue, fiorina's record as chief executive of hewlett- packard. >> the facts are there was a $21 million severance check and my understanding is it was taken after my opponent was fired. the stock went down more than 50%.
6:12 am
so if she is calling for accountability with teachers, there ought to be accountability with ceos. >> when you leave a business, -- >> when you lead a business, whether it's a nine-person business or 150,000 people, you sometimes have to make the agonizing choice to lose some jobs, to save more. >> our poll shows the two women running neck and neck. as of now, the two are not scheduled to debate again before the november election. there is some new concern about a weight loss drug. coming up, the potential problems that could take it off the market. get ready for another hot one around the bay area. temperatures going to soar into the triple digits around parts of the bay area. where will that be and when we will cool off? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,
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good morning. no traffic hot spots right now. just congestion in the usual places. a little sluggish on northbound 101 past alum rock. just your usual commuter
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traffic. downtown san jose looks great on 280 and it's a nice ride on 101 and 280 all along the peninsula. los altos hills looks great. clear through redwood city. if you are continuing your ride towards san francisco to candlestick, nice and light, free an easy past hospital curve towards downtown san francisco. speaking of candlestick, we have a 49ers game tonight at 7:00 against the san diego chargers. heavy traffic on 101 heading into san francisco at 7:00 tonight. all your approaches to the bay bridge still look great. we are not even seeing any delay on westbound 24 as you head out of orinda towards the caldecott tunnel. no metering lights at 6:16 on the bay bridge toll plaza. down the eastshore freeway, westbound 80, it's still a nice light 18-minute commute from the carquinez bridge to the maze. mass transit is a "spare the
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air" day. if you want the latest traffic information once you hit the road, remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's your traffic. lawrence has the beach forecast. >> we haven't seen heat ard the bay area this summer -- around the bay area this summer but we are going to get it today. nice and clear over the bay today to the coast, courtesy of high pressure and that offshore flow making for a beautiful start. sunrise at 6:40. looking good to the coast. temperatures are staying on the mild to warm side outside, already, as numbers are running in the 60s inland and inside the bay. at the coast cooler but still, pretty nice start to the day. by the afternoon hot in spots as high as 103 inland. in the bay 80s and 90s. at the coast 80s in the afternoon. plenty of sunshine. that's lookly going to change
6:18 am
toward the next few days as cooler air moves in. great day at pacifica. 75 there. 77 daly city. how about moving well into the 90s in towards san jose and morgan hill. east bay temperatures will start to pick up some of the triple digits. 103 in pleasanton. 101 in brentwood. 86 degrees cooler in berkeley but still nice. lots of sunshine in toward the afternoon. a lot of 80s and 90s well inland by tomorrow and looks like temperatures will start to cool down as we head in toward the afternoon hours at least through the weekend. but as we look toward this afternoon, looking hot in most spots around the bay area. friday those temperatures start to come down especially toward the coastline. a return of the low clouds and fog going to bring the temperatures down over the weekend. that fog is going to creep further onshore. everybody is going to see those temperatures taking a dive and looks like moving well below average as we head in toward the middle of this next week. and, of course, labor day weekend we have the holiday
6:19 am
weekend. toward the beaches it's going to be cool there. mild temperatures about everywhere you go. 50s and 60s at the coast. you will still see lots of sunshine inland and inside the bay with those temperatures in the 70s and 80s. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. 6:19. let's take a look at today's top stories. investigators from multiple agencies sorting out all the details in this east bay murder case that's left five people dead. police also trying to find out why uranium and materials for making explosives were found at the house where two of the victims were located. one man with ties to the suspect in this case remains missing. oakland's police chief disagrees with the police officers union about the impact of police layoffs. the union points to an 8% increase in crime since those cutbacks in july. the chief says crime usually goes up in the summer but violent crime is down. and hurricane earl is expected to pelt the carolina coast with powerful winds an big waves tonight.
6:20 am
the storm not expected to make a direct impact on north carolina's outer banks. but with winds of 145 miles an hour, it should take a pretty big hit. a flawed diet pill. that's what some medical experts are saying about the weight loss drug mer rid ya. there is a new study that finds it can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke in people with pre-existing heart disease. questions about meridia's safety led regulators in europe to pull it off the market in january. a food and drug administration advisory panel says it's going to review the drug later on this month. 6:20. the last-ditch effort to raise money for a san jose school destroyed by fire. why they are hoping facebook fans will come to the rescue. >> and problems in one popular bay area park that have neighbors calling for a larger police presence. ,,
6:21 am
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all right. here comes the heat, folks. starting out with a warm side already. temperatures by the afternoon,
6:24 am
mid-70s, low 80s at the coast. triple digits showing up in the valleys. more on your forecasts coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. it is 6:23. get a couple of major changes for the san jose sharks with hockey season set to again in a few weeks. greg jamison announced yesterday he is stepping down as team president next month after 14 years at the helm. he will remain part of the ownership group and continue as president of the sharks foundation. and the sharks have also picked up the goalie who helped knock them out of the play-offs last season. he went on to win the stanley cup with the chicago blackhawks, san jose signed him as a free agent. people in san francisco -- one san francisco neighborhood sounding off about growing problems with a popular park. neighbors say dolores park in the mission area gets loud and crowded even during the week. they say more people are drinking in the park and playing loud music at night and they want police to find a way to keep the neighborhood from getting trashed. it takes four gardeners up to
6:25 am
five hours to clean that park monday mornings after a busy weekend. >> labor day weekend coming up, many people will be visiting parks. so our question of the day, what is your favorite park in the bay area? gardener demi does there. across the bay... says.. lake c rk... beautiful n farther east... debbey writes... black diamond send your comments to on post your answers on facebook or twitter. you can tweet us. 6:25. earl is on the way. we'll tell you about the preparations east coast people are making as the major hurricane bears down on them. and the multimurder mystery continues to unfold in the east bay as well as the
6:26 am
investigation into radioactive chemicals found on the same property. we'll have an update coming up. >> and going out of town for the long holiday weekend? well, you're not going anywhere right now. southbound 17 through the santa cruz mountains, details on an overturned big rig carrying beer, that's all coming up. ,,,, our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers.
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a jealous rage could be the motive for an east bay killing good morning. i'm sydnie kohara. it's thursday, september 2. >> i'm john kessler. a jealous rage could be the motive for an east bay killing spree. efren valdemoro is linked to to four murders. one of his victims, 46-year-old girlfriend cindy tran. she was found dead in the car valdemoro crashed in richmond at the end of a high-speed chase. valdemoro is suspected of killing a hercules man because he thought the victim or the victim's missing son had a romantic relationship with tran. the latest piece of evidence, the cadillac escalade that had been missing from a vallejo home. that car found yesterday at a business park in hercules. the escalate was parked near the home where ricardo sales was beaten to death last week. his son frederick is still missing. police searched the area around the escalade for clues to his disappearance. the home where sales was killed was owned by cindy tran.
6:30 am
anne makovec is in vallejo, where police are dealing with dangerous items that were found at a murder scene. good morning, anne. >> reporter: yes. they found bodies in that home as well as radioactive material. now, the obvious choice that people would think off right off the top of their heads of who might have murdered these women, efren valdemoro already accused in at least two other murders and he lived on and off in that home. but there is one man that police have not let off the hook just yet, charles rittenhouse, the husband of one of the women found dead. he was arrested not for murder but for possessing explosive devices, massive amounts of chemicals that can be used to make bombs found in his home with the two bodies and in a nearby storage locker as well, dynamite, c-4 and even uranium, the radioactive chemical used in dirty bombs or armor- piercing ammunition. he does work as a chemical scientist, but police are puzzled by the number and severity of materials he has.
6:31 am
police say that rittenhouse also reacted bizarrely when they talked to him about the bodies found in his home. one, his wife, rita allen, and the other her friend, carol smart. he had apparently been living with the decomposing bodies one in a bedroom and the other in the backyard. but valdemoro lived in the house on and off as well and was known to have loud arguments with rita allen. >> she was like always screaming outside that door and she would scream and efren would tell her go inside, shut up and he would say don't mind her, don't mind her. >> reporter: the neighbor thought valdemoro was kicked out of the house but would often drive past the house. he had a lot of strange stories about valdemoro, calling him self-centered. he said he sometimes played basketball actually with valdemoro and that he would say that he was very bored in the area and talked a lot about the military, as well. he said he wishes he was in the military.
6:32 am
>> thank you, anne makovec in vallejo. you can find much more of this story including unedited video from each crime scene on our website, oakland's police chief disagrees with the police officers union on the impact of police layoffs. 80 officers you might remember were laid off in july. last week union officials said crime in oakland has increased 8.5% since then but police chief anthony batts says crime usually goes up in the summer and says violent crime is actually down in oakland. another round of steep cuts could be on the way for a.c. transit. the agency proposing eliminating about half of its weekend routes and most of its late night lines to help balance the budget. >> i been here for the last 20 years. i never seen it this bad right here, you know? >> they shouldn't take that out on the people.
6:33 am
they need to come to agreement, because we like i mean without them i mean how is people going to get to they jobs? >> a.c. transit is blaming the latest proposed cuts with the battle with the union. they are trying to save $15. the board will look over the proposal and if approved the cuts will take place in december. hurricane earl is back to a category 4 hurricane right now as it heads towards the north carolina coast. it's back up to a category 4. winds are squirming at 140 miles an hour. ends with and waves off the outer banks are pick up for the past couple of days. most tourists cut short their vacations evacuated the islands. some residents insist on staying, preferring to board up the homes and business and ride it out. north carolina's national guard deploying 80 members and president obama's already declared an emergency in the
6:34 am
state. 6:33. a heat wave has hit the bay area. lawrence joins us. when are we expecting to cool off? >> it may not take very long. of course, some hot temperatures all around the bay area yesterday. hotter in spots today. sun coming up on clear skies all the way from the inland valleys to the coastline. but there is fog at the coast. it will be hot. we haven't had heat very much this year. 103 in pleasanton, 100 antioch, 92 hayward, 97 san jose. even 75 in half moon bay. but we may see those temperatures spike early on along the coastline and then the sea breeze will carry with it some low clouds and fog. more of that moving onshore overnight tonight into tomorrow so temperatures going to start to cool down all around the bay area as early as tomorrow. more cooling into the weekend as the low clouds creep further onshore. looks like toward the middle of the next week, guess what,
6:35 am
those temperatures could be headed below average as we look toward wednesday. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. big problems in the santa cruz mountains. all lanes of southbound highway 17 completely blocked right now at summit road because of a big rig. its trailer overturned. here's the catch. it was carrying 43,000 pounds of beer. and some of that beer is spilling on the roadway according to chp. before you get too excited, there are backups in the area. an ambulance is responding to the scene with possible injuries. so we are watching this area very closely. northbound 17 looks okay if you are heading up towards downtown san jose. and actually 280 looks good as well approaching the 880 interchange. chopper 5 is heading to the scene of that overturned big rig carrying beer so hopefully we'll be able to bring you some live pictures here coming up shortly. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. san jose's trace elementary school is hoping the internet- savvy public can help it win a
6:36 am
contest. a major department store chain is offering big bucks that might help the school recover from a destructive fire. let's go to matt bigler who joins us from san jose to explain. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. yeah, we're talking about kohl's department store. they have launched this $10 million campaign on facebook to get facebook users to vote for their favorite schools, all types of schools across the country and the top 20 schools will be awarded a share of that prize. about $500,000. here in san jose as you mentioned, trace elementary school is in the running. there's been this email campaign from parents and teachers to get people to vote for trace and to get that $500,000 breeze. if you remember, trace was decimated by fire earlier this summer. district spokesman karen fuqua explains how the voting process works. >> so basically you get on facebook, go to kohl's care, and vote five times for one school so we want everybody to
6:37 am
vote for trace elementary school. it will support them for the next two years. they will be able to get great programs and they can basically spend it on anything they want. $500,000. >> reporter: that's a lot of cash. the cutoff for voting is tomorrow. and currently trace elementary school, which is listed as merits trace elementary school on facebook is listed at number 32. so it has a lot of ground to cover if they are going to be in the running. it's also important to note that kohl's isn't doing this as a benevolent enterprise. it is a commercial business. and this is basically a very well funded viral marketing campaign on facebook to get people to click that like button next to kohl's. i'm matt bigler in san jose for cbs 5. what is it again, merritt trace? so if you go online to facebook, merritt trace. >> the official name for trace elementary school is merritt trace elementary school. the school pops up. then you can vote up to five
6:38 am
times for that school. >> wish them well. 6:37. got some surprising numbers out this morning on retail sales. >> your moneywatch report when we return. and you're not dreaming. ♪ [ music ] >> local production of popular musical -- of a popular musical hits the stage here. liam mayclem of "eye on the bay" joins with us that and some of the best places to hang out this labor day weekend. alley,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:39 am
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did we mention our red zone clearance final markdowns are 80% off? who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney. good morning. unfortunately, we have big problems in the santa cruz mountains. both lanes of southbound highway 17 are completely shut down right now at summit road. the problem is an overturned big rig and it was carrying a load of beer about 43 pounds of beer. chp says the beer is spilled on the road. and again, we are seeing these backups continue to grow southbound 17 traffic jammed at least a half mile so far. we are hearing reports it's backed up to redwood estates and growing. right now traffic is being detoured off at summit road. so if you are heading out of town for the long holiday weekend, avoid highway 17 for right now. 101 is going to be your best bet in the area. or again, you are going to be detoured off there at summit road. chopper 5 is heading to the scene. so we are waiting for live pictures here coming up. in the meantime, some other slow spots. westbound 580 coming out of the
6:42 am
altamont pass, your drive time now 19 minutes there. so a little slow there as you make your way towards vasco road. antioch always slow at this time of the morning. unfortunately, westbound traffic now hovering just under 20 miles per hour as you pass a street. metering lights were turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza a short while ago so we are seeing our backups begin. backed up just to the end. parking lot in just the busiest lanes. but there's been no problems to report across the bay bridge so just your usual slow traffic heading into the city. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> going to be hot in the bay area today, temperatures soaring. that sun coming up already some warm temperatures showing up around the bay area this morning. clear skies all the way to the coastline fog-free but that will change quickly as early as this evening as we see low clouds and fog already developing along the coast. still if you are going out, what a nice beginning to the day today. temperatures running well into the 60s in many spots. clear skies all the way to the
6:43 am
beaches this morning. by the afternoon, it's going to be hot in spots. temperatures moving into the triple digits in some spots inland. a "spare the air" day. looking at mid-80s and 90s inside the bay and at the coastline, 70s and 80s. probably going to peak early on this morning. then by the afternoon, that sea breeze is going to kick in and temperatures will cool off. fog moves in. 75 half moon bay. 98 in los gatos. 97 in santa clara. 96 milpitas, 93 union city. east bay triple digits common, walnut creek about 100, 102 san ramon, 102 danville, 100 livermore. inside the bay, still getting hot in spots. 91 in oakland, about 88 in alameda. temperatures in the north bay under clear skies again warm temperatures going to get hot in petaluma, checking in about 97 degrees there. 96 in santa rosa. about 73 degrees beautiful at
6:44 am
stinson beach. things change on the weekend. more low clouds and fog surging onshore as early as tonight. fog thickening up tomorrow. temperatures coming down along the coastline. then everybody cooling off throughout the weekend looks like saturday and sunday return to normal temperatures. next week looks like below normal temperatures. enjoy the heat wave. temperatures are cooling down. labor day forecast, looking like mild temperatures inland. those numbers running up into the 70s and 80s, at the coast patchy fog and cool. plan on highs in the 50s and 60s. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. i see you're 1.7 billion, raise you a couple of more billion. >> now 1.8, now it's 2. >> won you love to be working for 3par right now? >> there are a couple of tech giants trying to outspend each other to buy 3par a fremont company. >> now there could be a winner
6:45 am
-- there could be a whenner in this 3par race. let's go to jason brooks with kcbs and just when you think there is a lot of money on the table they add more. >> reporter: good morning. it's always nice to be wanted by others. if you are a shareholder of 3par, you want to think it will keep going. there is no reason to think it will stop between hp and dem. they have gone back and forth several times now. the latest overnight with dell coming back topping hp's latest offer then hp topping that further. now stands at about $2.1 billion. both companies really want 3par. they are considered a leader in what they do and that's utilization of disk storage space for cloud data centers. there aren't too many other businesses that do that. we are seeing a couple of other businesses out there see their stock go up because the thought is that whoever loses out on this bid they will go snap up somebody else. it looks like 3par really does
6:46 am
like hp's offer. they came back and said not only is it superior for financial reasons there are other things that dell wanted to do that the board at 3par was not happy about. as a result, we are seeing 3par shares soar on the news. they are up about 5% and they are well over 33 bucks a share. that's where hp's current offer stands. so investors think there could be more bidding going on. hp shares down slightly. first time weekly jobless claims came in lower for the second straight week, down 6,000 but still way too high to suggest that there is any hiring going on. also worker productivity dropped almost 2% in the 2nd quarter while labor costs rose over 1%. that's an indication that employers have pretty much maxed out what they can get out of their current staff. if they want to grow further, they have to hire. right now the dow is up by a fraction, s&p barely trading even. back to you.
6:47 am
>> thank you. jason brooks with kcbs and 6:46. we have been telling you for months about home owners who say they have been hit with huge electric bills after they were switched to those smartmeter. >> and in just a few hours, an independent auditor will be weighing in. a company called structure group has been checking the meters. dozens of people have blamed smartmeters for higher-than- average bills. of course, put that in perspective, there have been maybe a couple of million meters that have been put out there. some bay area cities have even passed resolutions, though, against those meters. a report on the meters and pg&e's billing system will be presented later today this morning, at the california public utilities commission meeting. labor day weekend tradition on the peninsula and a movie all about going the distance. >> just some of the items on this week's liam's list. liam mayclem from "eye on the bay" tells us what else is going on this long holiday weekend for a lot of folks.
6:48 am
>> yeah, sydnie, john, good morning. going the distance could mean so many things. >> tell us what it really means. >> can i? okay. drew barrymore and justin long star in going the distance. the romance is there. the chemistry is there. they are two ambitious early somethings who try to juggle their careers and each other. there is a theme that they try a little too hard. >> weren't they in real life -- >> they were. >> a couple. >> that's why it's so believable. i think they make out in this movie more than any couple i have seen make out. >> they like each other. >> and it's evident. but there is one thing that upset me with this film. we are sold on the fact that this is a bye coastal relationship. she is in new york, he is in san francisco. and yet there is not one scene shot in the city of san francisco. >> oh, really? >> so, you know, when you bill a star of the film as san francisco, because when there is a movie set here it is always a star, but it's nowhere to be seen. there are the occasional shots of the golden gate, but i
6:49 am
highly recommend it. lots of laughs. go see it. dream girls, you have seen the movie starring beyonce knowles. well, this is the stage show now at the curren theater. it's a spectacle. great songs. dramatic performances. great costumes. >> they have had the musical now the film with jennifer hudson. how does this compare with those. pretty much the same because the film was -- it's about the songs, it's about the stars. it's a full on in your face stage show. it is playing for a limited run in san francisco. so this is the one to go to at the theater this weekend. >> last but by no means least my friends i want to tell you about the two festivals. first the millbrae art and wine
6:50 am
festival saturday and sunday. lots of music, arguments, the beer tent, john. there will be the beer tent. >> they have art there? >> music, art, the beer tent! >> and wine, look at that. and then the other big steps, sausalito this weekend -- >> that's right. they have a big festival. >> one of the biggest art festivals in the country. >> starship played there. >> what are you doing this weekend? i will be at the sausalito art festival. i'm thinking about all the art. but the full list will be on >> thank you. all right. warm weather back in the bay area. people visiting the beaches and the parks. >> so our question of the day to you, what is your favorite park in the bay area? extracting the stress from busy lives. u have a question or
6:51 am
if you have a question or comment for us, check out our facebook page. it's warming up. we'll tell you where to expect triple-digit temperatures today and the change that's on the way. >> and what caused this in massachusetts? today investigators from i'm harry smith. coming up, who was the gunman behind the discovery channel hostage situation and what were his motives? we'll have the latest investigation. plus remember the smoking baby in indonesia? he has undergone treatment and we'll have an exclusive look at his trip to rehab. imagine a stroke in your 20s. one woman's inspiring story in
6:52 am
her road to recovery. all that and more next on "the early show." hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
6:53 am
6:54 am
details in an east bay murder case that's left five people dead. today investigators for
6:55 am
multiple agencies will be trying to sort out details of an east bay murder case that has left five people dead. >> and one man still missing. and there are explosives involved. let's go to anne makovec, in vallejo to explain this situation. anne, good morning. >> reporter: the pieces are starting to come together in this multimurder mystery. but one thing we are expecting today, the search to continue for one missing man. he could be another possible victim. his name is frederick sales. he has been missing since his father was found dead last week believed to have been killed by efrin valdemoro. valdemoro is also accused of killing this woman, his former girlfriend. she was found dead in valdemoro's car after he was shot and killed by police on tuesday night. now, valdemoro is believed to have committed two murders so far but there was also the other two murders at a home in vallejo, rita allen and her friend, carol smart. valdemoro also lived in that home for a while.
6:56 am
so he is a possible suspect in that murder. but police have not ruled out allen's husband, who lived in the house as well, charles rittenhouse. along with the decomposing bodies that he was apparently living in the same house with, they also found a cache of weapons, several things including bomb-making materials and radioactive materials, the kind that can be used in dirty bombs. so rittenhouse has been arrested. again, valdemoro the suspect in the other murders is dead. he was killed by police. and we have the one missing man. they are searching for him in hercules today. >> anne, thank you very much. anne makovec in vallejo. all right. chopper 5 just made it to the scene of this traffic alert issued for the santa cruz mountains. wow. check that out. all right. this is southbound 17 approaching summit road. as you can see, a big rig's trailer overturned about a half hour ago. now, it was hauling more than
6:57 am
40,000 pounds of beer. we just got off the phone with chp and they tell us that no one was hurt. so yeah, john's kind of excited about that story. traffic in the area in the meantime, that is no fun at all. southbound 17 both lanes blocked by that. it's jammed and growing. there is no big northbound delay and actually you can see from these live pictures northbound traffic is getting by okay as you head up towards los gatos. sweeper crews just got on scene but there you can see that backup on southbound 17. no fun at all. a lot of people are obviously going to try to go out of town for the long holiday weekend. so avoid highway 17. 43,000 pounds of beer and some of it on the roadway. >> let's hurry up and finish the show so john can help them off-load that. [ laughter ] >> send chopper 5 down there. [ laughter ] >> here's lawrence with your forecast. >> you know what? all that beer on the road and the heat wave to go along with
6:58 am
it. >> get rid of it fast. >> is that like a perfect combination? >> i know. headed outside today, you will find sunshine all the way from the valleys to the coastline today as the sun comes up on what looks like a very hot day in much of the bay area. but not going to last long. we have cooler temperatures expected. out and 90s inside the bay. 70s and 80s at the coast. but not long when low clouds and fog are going to start to move in as early as this evening along the coastline. more fog on the way for the weekend. temperatures cooling off just about everywhere you go. and then much cooler than normal toward the middle of the week. how about this? sausalito the art festival, the weather there looking good. a little cooler partly cloudy skies, temperatures dropping off some of those numbers mainly into the 60s over the weekend. >> thank you. got a high-speed crash that was caught on camera in massachusetts. >> this suv barreling right through a local convenience store minutes after the owner had closed for the night.
6:59 am
the drive reportedly fell asleep at the wheel. there was a small child in the car. neither the driver nor the child were injured. that store is already re- opened. >> $130,000 in repairs, though. and replaced inventory. if you have a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email >> and check out brian's daily briefing weekdays at 11:00 on apparently we have a hiccup on the commute. >> that's right. >> this is santa cruz mountains. southbound 17 approaching summit road. >> 43,000 pounds of beer. >> if you are heading to say monterey, carmel, is this -- >> right. avoid highway 17, 101 is a better option in the area. they are detouring cars off to summit road in the meantime. for those cars stuck in the mile long and growing traffic jam. >> wonder how long it will take. >> wonder how many beers a d

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